9 Mar 22:34
3 years ago
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house pride graphic challenge voting closed!

Here are the official results:

Winner is graphic number SIX by Kaybombarda with 32 votes!
-50 points will be awarded to Slytherin House, congrats!

Other graphics by:
ONE: itsharrypotter
TWO: onholiday-
THREE: needlebug
FOUR: themoonsreachingforme
FIVE: dracoandhermione 
SEVEN: lovegoods-
-5 points have been awarded to each participant’s House.

Thank you for participating and voting! 

2 Mar 17:16
3 years ago
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you have to click on the picture to make them bigger.








22 Feb 22:36
3 years ago
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fan fiction challenge no.1 entries

A poll will be put up in a few days for you all to vote on your favorite fic out of the two. Author names are withheld until the winner is determined. Enjoy Reading!

Title: Seizing Moments
Word count: 3127
Rating: T
Link to fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6720685/1/Seizing_Moments

Title: Be My Valentime
Word count: 1,857
Rating: T
Link to fic: 

14 Feb 20:04
3 years ago
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House pride graphic challenge!

Size: Any that can work on tumblr

Challenge: Make a creative graphic to represent your house pride!

Due: Feb. 28th.

Remember to read the rules! Have fun!

Copy and paste when you submit:

Link to your graphic:

a link to your resources:

your tumblr username:

your hogwarts house:

9 Feb 15:29
3 years ago
you have 5 days left!

Monday, February 14th is the last day to submit a fic!

5 Feb 8:55
3 years ago
a response
who runs this thing? ;-)

I think that’s a bit irrelevant. :)

4 Feb 19:33
3 years ago
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Prompt: It must be centered around a Valentine’s Day theme. You must include a time-turner somewhere also.

Pairing: Any Harry Potter pairing.

Chapters/Length: One shot.

If something isn’t stated, then I’ve given you free creative reign to choose, so go crazy!

Deadline: Monday, February 14th 2011 (10 days)